Standik TANK FARM LLC leadership position is confirmed in its vessels and fleets. The fleet consists of 230 vessels, 19 of them owned by the company and the latest technological innovations with a total capacity of 3,200,000 MT. As a result of our strategy of continual innovativity and superiority, Standik TANK FARM LLC manages various major chemical, gas and crude oil tankers in the world in terms of capacity. 

These powerful vessels, having the latest technology to ensure the security and protection of the environment. The inclusion of Standik TANK FARM LLC offer its clients regular, reliable, and more competitive services. In Standik TANK FARM LLC fleet of ships of all sizes, with container ships, bulk cargo ships and much more.

Today these huge ships amount to a large portion of Standik TANK FARM LLC fleet, which represents significant progress in meeting the growing demand for products from Asia and from all the world's growing trade routes.