Our Services

Our Services


We are one of the largest operator of floating production, storage, and offshore exploration companies with vessels in the North Sea and the fourth largest leased vessels operator worldwide. Through conversion of our new fleets we supply and work with vessels in the framework of a long-term contract; several on the Norwegian shelf, on the Continental shelf, and off the coast of Brazil. All of our production units are under medium-and long-term contracts, producing for oil and gas companies.


Our mission is to be one of the world leader in safe and reliable Shuttle tankers and offshore solutions, respect our technical and commercial expertise. Each Standik TANK FARM LLC Shuttle tanker is equipped with a specialized loading and dynamic positioning system for independent work in extreme weather conditions.

We are proud of our latest generation of Shuttle tankers, Samba Class, consisting of sister ships Samba Spirit, Lambada spirit, the Spirit of Bossa Nova and Sertanejo Spirit. These vessels, and we continue our focus on operational efficiencies and environmental leadership. Vessels designed for sea shipments in Brazil, and built by Samsung Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. in Korea.


Our experience in the field of Trade in oil and operations for the delivery of petroleum products from ship to ship transfers, marine terminals mooring, risers and subsea, risk management, floating production and processing of products, provide us with the necessary tools to succeed in this market. We have identified, treatment and projects of construction of new ships. Floating regasification allows potential importers to obtain fast and relatively inexpensive, but effective access to the global petroleum products supply. Its advantages include:

  • Lower capital investment compared to onshore facilities.
  • May be transferred if the demand for short-term and / or seasonal.
  • Allows customers in new markets, to gain confidence in the delivery of Oil products.
  • A good solution when there is land limited.


This could mean a short time-charter period, where the client needs an immediate solution to a shipping problem, or in the medium and long term charters, where customers want to bring stability in their delivery of the programme. The vessels can join a customer's fleet for a period from three months to ten years depending on customer needs. Our close customers who take advantage of this arrangement know that the ship will be operated to effectively Standik TANK FARM the highest standards while they claim, commercial management.